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  • kid-detective1

    Backlink Analysis Preperation

    The task of link removals and backlink analysis can be daunting, but there are many steps that can be taken to ensure that the ride is as smooth as possible

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  • DARPA_Big_Data

    All Google Traffic Now Not Provided

    Earlier today Google flipped the switch and now all traffic from Google will give (not provided) keywords 100% of the time! The (not provided) line in Analytics has been soaring the past few weeks (more…)

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  • hello-my-name-is-sam

    New Kids on the Block

    Well, I’ve finally done it and set up my own blog so that I can get my thoughts out in my own space where I can rant and rave. I’ll be talking strictly about search engine optimisation, social media, analytics and a lot of ranting about marketing in general. (more…)

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